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An open letter from cancer infected Irrfan

Posted 2018/06/25 4 0

Irrfan Khan on battling rare cancer

Irrfan Khan on battling rare cancer

A few months ago, actor Irfan Khan said that he had met Neuro Endocrin Timar. Treatment is going on in abroad, and then the shadow of mourning has come down in B-Town. But there was a smog on his illness. Now Irfan has shared an open letter about himself in a press, where he said candidly to the fans, he has high-grade neuronectomycone cancer, and dealing with this disease abroad, he shared this news link, his Twitter handle is a strange experience in his life. It is said that after the caption, one message comes after the other, wishing for the cure of the actor, seek good health It’s proving that Rataneke’s comments on Twitter are on the side of the observer, and the flood of commented floods.

In the interview given to the Indian Express, director Sujit Sarkar said some days ago, Irfan Khan will play the lead role of Udham Singh biopsy. It has been reported that the biopic shooting will begin at the end of this year.


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