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Race 3 Box Office Collection Day 2 | 10 million in the first week?

Posted 2018/06/25 5 0

Race 3 box office collection day 2

Race 3 box office collection day 2

Slowly, the speed at which the ‘box’ race in Bollywood box office is going to be broken. His name is Salman Khan, he is only one hundred. The story of the story of the cow can rise in the expensive car, to ride on the roof, the maiden does not come. His sleek look, speech, fashionable dialogue, and style … clap, enough for getting City. And that’s why Salman Khan, who has never been in love with Salman Khan. Half of the example is ‘Race 3’ in Halphil. Already a lot of Salman fans, film critics, all of them have seen the picture. The word ‘Bakwas’ is being implemented before Sallu Bhai’s picture. But what the suluvaiyera came and it came!

However, the owners are happy about Salman’s eid gifts. On the first day, the business of 29.17 crore has already made an introduction to ‘Race 3’. The second day the amount of money is not only waxed. The film has a business of 38.14 billion taka for Eid. After two days the revenue of 67.31 billion taka

It is possible to estimate that Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, is going to enroll in one hundred and a quarter houses in the first week of ‘Race 3’. Twitter has somehow indicated that the trend analysis is the norm. On the other hand, under the race of ‘Race 3’, a little bit of ‘Beer The Wedding’ and ‘Atomic’ pictures.
Action thriller like ‘Race’ franchise has always enjoyed it in Chetpur. But there was a lot of furor around the three installments of the race, among the spectators, the reason is only one – Salman Khan. This was the first time in the superhit franchise like ‘Race’ that saw the excitement of Salluvevi. After ‘Kick’, Salman was seen again in this film with Jacqueline Fernandez. Other stars starring like Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Daisy Shah Finally, the box office of Bollywood’s brother and the new recorder, the box office looked at it.


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