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Ranbir surprised everybody with Munna’s look.

Posted 2018/06/25 5 0

Sanjay Dutt biopic sanju will released on June 29.

Sanjay Dutt biopic sanju will released on June 29.

Ranbir Kapoor is not really different from Sanjay Dutt Seeing him, there is no way to understand that he is not Sanjay Dutt. Anyone who understands that it is not a word of mouth to show the exact face of the face. Director Rajkumar Hirani has made this impossible accomplishment with Ranbir Kapoor. Sanjay Dutt biopic Sanju photo of the release on June 29 this year.
Munna Bhai MBBS was released 15 years ago. Munawabai was known as a college student. Ranbir Kapoor may be seen in the same color as the orange t-shirt in Sonjoo. Who is Ranbir and Sanjay or anybody is almost incomprehensible to it. Ranbir’s performance has been added to the MBBS film with the help of various technologies starting from voice modulation.
Sanjay Dutt’s life is not less than a Bollywood movie, as he was accused of being a drug addict in 1993 Mumbai blasts. Mother Nargis lost her childhood and died early in the morning due to brain tumor, her first wife, Richa Sharma. From Road to Rocky, Munnabhai series, Nanaang’s character has been enhanced by his outstanding skill. Sanju, directed by Rajkumar Hirani, will be released on June 29. Apart from Ranbir in the film, Sonam Kapoor, Kishma Tanna, Vicky Tactics, Manisha Koirala, Paresh Rawal and Anushka Sharma will be seen in the film.


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